We provide a range of services from Strategy Consulting to End User Coaching and everything in between. Whatever we do, we do it with a passion and customer focus in mind with a mission to achieve business outcomes helping to make an impact in our community.

Strategy Consulting

We provide strategic solutions in every phase of a customer journey and believe that no task is too big or too small to align overall goals. We are trusted advisors to C-level executives to help them meet their enterprise/agency needs. From data integration roadmaps to phased evolutionary approaches, we utilize our years of experience to standardize, harmonize, integrate, enrich and secure information. We provide consulting services related to data integration, governance and quality, and end user roll out/implementation; with roadmaps to a “to be” architecture utilizing industry standards. Our mission is to prevent silos of data and create a phased enterprise solution through agile innovation.

Data & Infrastructure Engineering

We provide data engineering and modernization microservices by producing the minimum viable product bringing data closer to the end users in a lean, agile way. Our goal is to use reusable standardized, automated processes for the common data pipeline workflows from ingestion to receipt and control, transformation, testing and validation, and publication without reinventing the wheel for every source, therefore saving on cost and allowing the focus to shift focus to business outcomes. We have a proven track record of performing services on-premises, in the cloud, and successful migration across the two platforms.

AI & Analytics

We design and build models through machine learning and AI capabilities, leveraging best in class technology and feature engineering. There is no one-size-fits-all model to solve every business problem. We take a top-down approach to build models based on the problem we are trying to solve. Our experienced team of industry consultants and data scientists help unite the technology with business outcome driving models with the highest level of precision and accuracy. Some of our past performance models include predictability around COVID-19 cytokine storm and the path to an opioid overdose.

User Training & Coaching

With over 15 years of experience in data coaching, training and end user support, our team can provide best-in-class coaching to our end users, arming them with the right combination of business and technical knowledge to do the job right. Our unique approach involves self-paced materials or instructor-led training options to suit individual needs. Whether you are new to healthcare or a policy expert that is just new to technology, we have the right coaching methods to enable you for tomorrow.

Program Evaluation & Grants Management

We review grant applications and ensure compliance with reporting requirements. Our experienced team is able to analyze grant data to assess program effectiveness while identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. We provide regular reports to stakeholders on each grant program’s status.

Health Care Subject Matter & Data Expertise

With over 25 years of expertise in healthcare subject matter, and over 16 years at Health and Human Services agencies (particularly CMS), our team of consultants and technologists can lead outcomes translating healthcare information, requirements and policies into technological solutions. We provide the unique ability to “talk data” in easy to comprehend consumer language. With a deep understanding of healthcare federal policies and business processes encompassing claims, providers, patients, plans, ICD standard codes and beyond, we are always innovating to provide new insights and improve existing solutions.

Data Intelligence & Visualization

Data visualization needs to go beyond dashboards and reports. We create workbench design solutions for our customers that provides a set of tools to do their job, depending on their role and level of expertise. We define a business wireframe and a value framework prior to a technological design and also constantly innovate the workbench as new policies and procedures come in play, ensuring it doesn’t go stale. Our past performance includes an analytics workbench built for CMS and The White House as customers.

Human-Centered Design

We have conducted projects leveraging human-centered design to ensure outcomes that are aligned with a business’ needs. Our “fail fast” approach allows us to quickly identify failures and then form iterative solutions by working closely with the business, gaining their requirements, defining prototypes, and building minimum viable products. We use our “business first” approach to identify pain points and challenges, presenting options that are feasible and address needs in an optimized manner. We have applied these techniques to build business value frameworks for analytics workbench, fraud detection and clinical data repositories supporting interoperability standardization for EHR.

Program Management & Agile Transformation

We furnish program management and leadership with integrity and quality at both enterprise and department level. Our PMP/SAFe certified program managers and project leaders drive on-time solutions at the lowest cost and highest quality while identifying and mitigating risks all while having a transparent and open communication about the work being performed. Our ability to drive hybrid solutions from a PMP and Agile transformation standpoint enables us to look at the overall success criteria of the project, implementing smaller tasks at hand and attaining measurable outcomes.

Geospatial Intelligence

We are well-seasoned in geospatial intelligence, driving distance calculations between patients and providers (linear, spherical, spheroidal), creating polygons (ex: healthcare access during regional weather-related impacts), and performing geospatial analytics around COVID-19 density maps, fraud detection (ex: access to care, impossible travel), and others. Our experience in geospatial tools and driving geospatial analytics are widely seen across projects at Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.